Entry #1


2007-08-08 21:08:36 by korny1684

hey users leave me some love


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2007-08-08 22:48:29

the love is ticking in the package at your front door... enjoy.


2007-08-09 00:25:41

You make me smile.


2007-08-09 00:48:08

You flinch from my touch and try to roll off the bed, but I grab your wrists tightly and force you on your back. You look at me with frightened eyes; you didn't want things to go this far. But you see no pity in my face.

And the hardness pressing through our clothing tells you that I have no pity anywhere.

"Slash, please, stop...we're going way too fast..."

If anything, my erection seems to grow at your begging voice, ripping effortlessly through my pants, the thick meat slapping hard onto your stomach.

I say no words; I merely glare at you, the force of my demonic energy shredding your clothing into ribbons, exposing your soft sex. Angered at your lack of arousal, I focus my power on your penis, letting my dark magic fondle and caress it; it hardens involuntarily under my touch.

The feral gleam in my eyes makes you whimper childishly; you know that I consider you my mate, and that nothing can break my primal instincts at this point. Before you can think on it any further, I roll you onto your stomach and lunge atop of you, my hot erection on your buttocks.

"Please...please don't..."

The head of my cock pokes into that soft flesh, seeking for your tight entrance. You feel the slender tendrils of my energy dipping under your body and gripping your cock, squeezing it and sending shivers through you against your will.

Suddenly, my cock finds its goal; gripping your hips so tightly that I nearly break the skin, I push forward into you. There is no lubrication; there is no foreplay to prepare your entrance for the sudden, massive invasion. There is only pain, stretching, burning pain that seers your insides as my penis buries itself into you up to the hilt.

Your squeal of mixed pain and shame fill the room, but no one else can hear; my demonic magic enchants us, making our actions invisible to all unwelcome parties. I let out a croaking laugh at your suffering, and start to pull back, my huge cock nearly exiting you before I jam it back in with full force. It feels so magnificent...for me, anyhow...your tight, burning heat enveloping my erection, squeezing and clenching in a vain attempt to force me out of you.

My demon markings appear as I lose myself to the primal action; my sentient mind is long gone as I fuck you, ripping you apart, nearly tearing your tender anus.

"Slash, stop! I'll let you have me, just please, stop long enough to lubricate me!"

Your pleas fall on dear ears. I continue to piston my penis in your ass, raping you, violating you...and yet occasionally it hits a spot inside you that makes your cock jump, that makes you feel like you could cum instantly. Sensing your feelings, I angle my penis to strike it repeatedly, and you gasp in mixed pleasure and agony.

"I'm going to make you cum, whore," I growl happily. "You will submit to me, your mate."


My energy tendrils jerk you off ever harder as I fuck you, and gradually the pleasure begins to override the pain. You start involuntarily thrusting back to meet my movements, cursing yourself, sobbing.

"Shut up and enjoy it."

Just before I reach climax, you suddenly explode with power; you throw me off of you and across the room. Glaring at me with anger and shame you lunge, penetrating me just as brutally as I'd done to you.

"How do YOU like it, whore?!", you scream, fucking me with reckless abandon as I write under you. "How do YOU like being uke, you demon son of a bitch!"

Despite my thrashing and roaring, I am unable to escape your relentless raping; I growl in despair as you fuck me as I did you, hitting my prostate and making me rapidly approach orgasm: the sign of a true beta mate, the one who cums first.

"Yeah, gonna make you lose it first, uke!"

Riding my ass hard, you feel yourself nearly orgasm and focus on holding it, focus on grinding my sensitive spot with your thick cock; you feel me clench up, sensing rather than seeing the cum jet from my penis.

Laughing cruelly, you cum in my ass, marking me, making me forever your mate, the submissive.

Pulling out of me, you look on my broken form and smile.


korny1684 responds:

well said


2007-08-09 02:00:02

I left my love in your anus remember?